This weekend with my wonderful husband and I had a yummy breakfast at home before he joined me as I went to check out one of the photo locations for a wedding I am shooting next weekend.

I love him so much and his support and assistance makes all the difference to this business.

He started to get worried I was having more fun taking pictures of him, when I should have been paying attention to the surroundings.  
Here are a couple of pics that Ben took  :)

These photos are from a wonderful session I did late last year, however I have had to hold off on posting these images as they were a to be given as a Christmas present by my client to his wife. 

We had such a wonderful afternoon taking these pictures and also eating the skittles after we used them!!! 
And having fun with skittles!!!!  This part of the afternoon was filled with giggles from everyone. 
Thanks Jake, Jas & Loz for being so much fun and a wonderful afternoon xx